Monday, 19 January 2015

Saturday - 17 January Meeting

It seems that everyone had recovered from the holidays and was ready to get back to quilting!! Community Quilts were off to a flying start this year with a heap ready to be bound and distributed.

These lovely 1930's repro blocks were made up by individual members and then sewn up into these two lovely Community Quilts.

 A lovely baby quilt made in flannels.

This completed quilt was donated by a member, what a great boys quilt!!

 This is a long term project by Cathie Calvert that she is happy to have finished!! 
Is it wrong that I like the back better!! 

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  1. Wow!! How beautiful designs!! All these quilts are looking elegant. At first glance I thought they are carpets. Actually I was looking for decent carpets for the meeting rooms in my office. Anyway, great designs!!